Janis Hurt 

Cable One

Janis Hurt is Director of Advertising Sales for Cable One.  In her current role she leads the Advertising Sales division to achieve their goals by overseeing 9 regional advertising offices throughout the country. She is also responsible for managing the budgeting process for the division. Janis coordinates the budgeting and forecasting for Business and Residential sales as well. She also oversees the commission and reporting team for all three sales channels and serves as a strategic advisor to the leadership of the sales division.  Hurt is based in Phoenix and reports to Mike Bowker, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.


Janis started with Cable One in 1996 as the Corporate Business Manager for Advertising sales, responsible for the budgeting, forecasting and traffic and billing teams. She also managed the software used to traffic and bill commercials.  She was promoted to Director of Advertising Business Operations in 2006, taking on financial reporting responsibility and analysis in addition to her existing duties.


In 2011, Janis was handed additional responsibilities to manage the sales reporting and commission team that was in the process of being built.  This team crossed outside of advertising sales, and was responsible for paying over 200 associates correctly, as well as reporting on their performance.  This team is responsible for producing over 50 reports daily/weekly/monthly to meet the analytics the company needs to operate efficiently.


At the beginning of 2014, Janis was asked to take over interim management of the sales side of the Advertising Division in addition to the responsibilities she already oversaw.  This appointment was made permanent in June of 2014.


Janis began her cable career as Traffic Coordinator for Times Mirror Cable (later Cox Communications) in Phoenix in 1985, and over her 10 years with that operation was the Advertising Business Manager for the Phoenix Region when she left to join Cable One.

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