Jill Arbet 

Suddenlink Communications

​With more than 16 years of industry experience, Jill Arbet joined Suddenlink Communications in 2003 as its first marketing team member and was named VP of Marketing in January 2006. During her time with Suddenlink, she has spearheaded the overall name change of the company (twice) and led the marketing transition and name change of eight separate acquisitions. Jill currently directs the company’s marketing Brand initiatives, a roll which encompasses brand growth and research, campaign creative, TV creation and rotation, agency management, and COOP marketing partnerships. Prior to Suddenlink, Jill was with Charter Communications for five years and held several ascending positions.


Jill is a member of the National and Midwest chapters of WICT as well as the Cable and Telecommunications Association of Marketing (CTAM) and the CTAM Mark Awards and Judging committee. In 2012, she was selected to participate in CTAM’s Cable Executive Management Program at Harvard Business School. She also belonged to the National Cable Television Cooperative Lancelot Group, and is a Beacon Awards Judge that honors excellence in communications and public affairs throughout the cable industry.


Passionate about kids, Jill serves on the Marketing Committee of the Magic House, a self-supporting interactive children’s museum located in St. Louis, MO. She has actively supported and participated in several children’s causes including a Glass Slipper initiative that created a prom for teens with special needs, Jamestown New Horizons which provides therapeutic horseback riding lessons, and Arty Gras, a Mardi Gras-themed celebration that included free admission for several groups of underprivileged children.


Jill received her Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management with a Minor in Business Administration from Oklahoma State University. She currently resides in St. Louis with her husband, Dan, her two young boys, Dalton and Tristan, and her beloved dogs, Roxi and Jake, and horse, Drew.

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