Core Beliefs

We create bold, self-empowered leaders through advocacy and leadership training.

  • We are committed to leading the charge in advocacy, self-empowerment and leadership training for women in the cable telecommunications industry.
  • We believe that professional success will be achieved through the combination of job skills, industry knowledge, mentoring and networking.
  • Our service to individuals in the industry applies to all levels of the profession and across all segments of our industry.
  • We believe that smart leadership development means a balance between shaping personal growth and sharpening business acumen.
  • We trust that our purpose, mission and resources are also exceptionally beneficial to men in cable telecommunications industry, at all career levels.

We continue to embark on services that are important and good for the industry and its employees. We remain the most powerful and visible voice in the industry for advocating leadership development and the advancement of women.

We are proactive in sharing information that affects the business case of our industry. We set the precedent for new and immediate learning environments.

We embrace all careers levels of our industry. We promote diversity in our membership, programs, staff and volunteer community. We promote an experience that is inviting, warm, friendly and fun.

Our opportunities for participation are broad, to allow professionals at every level the chance to forge ahead with their own career development needs. We focus on personal development needs as well as professional needs. Our programs focus on the high quality of the experience. We believe that we should capture the attention of those professionals at the earliest stages of their careers through those more seasoned executives.

We believe in capitalizing on a source of networking and mentoring, informal as well as structured. We are dedicated to bringing industry professionals together through different forums, especially exposing emerging leaders to those established executives.

We are committed to helping our constituents climb up the corporate ladder and pave the way for the individuals behind them. We are committed to helping the industry stand out as the model for other industries in developing and advancing women leaders. We are dedicated to sharing stories of industry successes.