WICT Wants You to Tell Us Your Story. 

As WICT marks our 30 Year anniversary, we are celebrating our most significant stories – yours!  Throughout the year, WICT will collect accounts of hard earned wisdom, descriptions of discovery and anecdotes of personal and professional growth.  Together, these stories will form a brief chronicle of where WICT has come from and where we plan to go.

Allow your legacy to be preserved by taking a few moments to answer as many (or as few) of the following questions as you like.  Thank you for allowing WICT to share in your journey!

Respond to at least ONE of the following:

  • Know Yourself.  What do you stand for?
  • Communicate.  What do you teach well or share with others?
  • Listen.  What is one of the greatest lessons someone else has taught you?
  • Connect.  What assets do you gain from your colleagues?
  • Be a Catalyst. What kind of change do you want to be in the world?
  • Be Fearless.  Talk about a time you were courageous.
  • Inspire.  How are you guiding others toward reaching their potential?

Please email your Name, Title & Company along with a required high-resolution headshot to lvega@wict.org

Should you have any questions, call us at 703.234.9808.

If you have a knack with the camcorder, feel free to provide a video clip of your response(s) instead of an email.