Alee Hartline

Ms. Hartline has over 5 years in cable and telecommunications industry with an additional 7 years in marketing industry. During her time at Suddenlink she has been involved in all aspects of marketing and branding, upholding Suddenlink brand standards ensuring the unique marketing needs of her region are met. Alee has worked to further strengthen the Suddenlink brand within the West Region, and spearhead a successful launch of the Suddenlink brand within the region’s newly acquired areas.

In 2007, Ms. Hartline began her journey in the telecommunications industry as Suddenlink West Region’s Regional Marketing Coordinator. Suddenlink is a top-ten cable broadband services provider in the United States with approximately 1.4 million subscribers operating in 19 states. In this role, she supported marketing activities for cross-channel, statement marketing, radio, direct mail and public relations efforts.
In 2010 Ms. Hartline was promoted to Regional Marketing Manager for Suddenlink’s West Region.   Ms. Hartline is responsible for overseeing regional media including television, radio, print media, outdoor advertising, statement marketing, direct mail and branding efforts. In this role Alee also support nine local Public Relations Managers in various markets. Suddenlink’s West Region currently serves 310,000 customer relationships in the states of Texas, New Mexico, California and Arizona, making the West Region the largest and most geographically spread region in Suddenlink.

Ms. Hartline manages all marketing communications efforts for the West Region’s Project Imagine initiative. Project Imagine is the Suddenlink $350 million investment plan designed to expand video-on-demand service, the capability for up to 200 HD channels, all digital lineups, and industry-leading high-speed internet technology.

In 2011, Ms. Hartline managed all internal and external re-branding efforts for 15 acquired markets accounting for 65,000 new customer relationships in Arizona and California.

Ms. Hartline holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations, and minor in English from Texas Tech University. Prior to entering into the Cable and Telecommunications industry Alee worked as the Marketing & Communications Director for ARAMARK overseeing all marketing activities within the Lubbock ISD foodservice program. Ms. Hartline currently holds a position as a WICT – Greater Texas board member, and sits on the Salvation Army’s Community Relations board.