Annie Oliver

Annie Oliver, M.A.,MEd, CCC-SLP. is an instructor at Speakeasy – a communication consulting and executive development firm with
offices in Atlanta, San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Amsterdam, and ongoing operations in Boston, Singapore and India. Annie works with business and professional leaders all over the world to help them connect more effectively with the people around them – bringing more of their unique, personal style to all of their communication.

Annie earned a bachelor’s degree, and master’s degrees in both Education and Speech-Language Pathology, all from the University of Illinois. She is a clinically certified and licensed Speech Language Pathologist, and a member of the American Speech and Hearing Association.

After working for five years as a research director for developmental psychologists, Annie started her clinical career in Speech Language
Pathology. For 25 years she was employed by the Johns Hopkins Hospital system in St. Petersburg, Florida. There she served clinically, seeing patients and families and establishing the pediatric cochlear implant program. Following that, Annie held a leadership role, as Clinical Coordinator for Rehabilitative Services. In this capacity she coordinated clinical education activities and headed professional development, focusing on building high performance teams.

After dedicating so many years to the health care system, Annie made the decision to take a hiatus in 2019. It was during this time that Annie explored her other passions. You could find her as your tour guide at the Chihuly Museum, or working on her own art pieces, experimenting with a variety of mediums. Due to her love and talent for interior design, she also used this time to work with friends to refresh and beautify their homes. Annie is the definition of a renaissance woman. Fast Forward to 2020, Annie was looking for a challenge; a way to use her skills and expertise in a new way. Although she adored Florida, she decided to take a leap of faith and move to Atlanta to begin her journey with Speakeasy.

Annie strives to keep herself centered and grounded. She loves yoga, breath work, and meditation. She finds when she takes time every morning to pour into herself, she is primed to pour everything she has into her Speakeasy clients.