Bernadine Han

Bernadine Han, known as “Bernie,” oversees the operations, journalistic character, and content for 10 local news stations around the country, including Time Warner Cable’s prestigious flagship station, NY1 News. Among Time Warner Cable customers, NY1 News is the most-watched 24-hour news channel.
In this role and her previous role managing the news operations for NY1, Ms. Han has been instrumental in decision making during some of the most significant news events of the past two decades, including continuous coverage of the events of  9/11 as they unfolded and Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to New York City in 2008. She spearheaded the news decision to follow stories that impacted local viewers in other countries such as the Dominican Republic and Haiti, post tropical storms and the one-year anniversary of the tsunami that swept through Japan.
Ms. Han has worked at NY1 News practically her entire career. She joined the staff in 1992 as a writer, just before the 24-hour local news channel launched.  By 1995, Ms. Han was a Senior Producer.  As NY1 News grew in popularity and staff, so did her role.  She rose to Assistant News Director and then News Director of NY1, before being named Vice President of News in 2005. In early 2006, when Time Warner Cable decided to merge its upstate news channels under one division, she was again promoted and charged with overseeing editorial content, budgets and talent negotiations.

Ms. Han graduated from Columbia University’s Barnard College.