Beth Lawrence

Beth Lawrence is the Director of the Media Center for Discovery, Inc. (formerly Scripps Networks Interactive). She oversees the daily operation of the Knoxville Media Center which is responsible for managing the company’s library of physical and digital video assets including programming episodes, short form content, and source footage.


Beth joined the Media Center at Scripps as a library assistant in 2002 and has progressed to various roles within the department and now serves as its director. Beth has seen the role of her department change dramatically over the years from that of cataloging media assets on VHS, Digi-beta, and HDCAM tapes to managing digital files.


With over 500K physical assets being housed in six different locations, Beth works closely with offsite storage vendors and internal departments to eliminate outdated and unnecessary media assets to reduce storage expenses. She is currently overseeing a largescale effort to digitize older programming episodes, so that their tapes can be purged from the library. Beth is also in charge of purchasing and maintaining an inventory of raw media formats for the Knoxville campus.


Beth received her BA in English Literature as well as her MS in Secondary Education from the University of Tennessee. She lives in Knoxville, TN where enjoys spending time with family and kayaking/paddle boarding the area’s beautiful lakes and waterways.