Brenda Wilson

Brenda Wilson started her Cable career in 1990 when she joined Viacom as a cable technician.  Brenda spent many years in the field in various roles from installation to construction, moving into the office in 1995 to work in Dispatch, Tech Repair and Training. 

Brenda has worked through multiple company changes including the buyout of Viacom, TCI, AT&T and Comcast which has taught her a lot about change management and communication. She left the company in 1997 to start her own business with her husband working on fiber rebuild and maintenance for AT&T over the next 3 years.

In 2001, after AT&T sold to Comcast, Brenda returned to the company and focused on building her skill set and furthering her career in the telecommunications field. In 2007 she moved into the newly formed Commercial Business Services group capitalizing on bringing all her prior experiences together as a Construction Project Coordinator.  Through this role she has been able to learn and grow as a leader and is currently the Market Development Manager for the Washington region.   In this role, Brenda manages a high profile team that negotiates right of entry for Commercial properties that will allow construction of coax and fiber infrastructure. 

In the last 5 years, Brenda has been very focused on her leadership skills. She graduated from the Comcast C.A.M.P mentor program, the Dale Carnegie Leadership Institute, multiple Comcast Leadership programs, WICT TechConnect, attended multiple SCTE and WICT Leadership conferences and is currently the SCTE President for the Mt. Rainier chapter.

The SCTE has helped Brenda to learn and grow in her ability to manage and lead large groups of people.  In 2012 she joined the national SCTE Major grants foundation and Chapter support committees. 

Brenda is very passionate about the SCTE and has worked with the current Board of Directors to help the Mt. Rainier Chapter grow and re-energize.   In 2011, Brenda was chosen to be one of the first national Women’s TechConnect mentees in a partnership program between SCTE and WICT.  Brenda looks forward to continuing with the mentee program in 2012/2013.  The opportunity to learn from the amazing women in this industry has been such an amazing experience.