Chloe Summers

​Chloe Summers is a Client Principal at Stride Consulting, an agile software development consultancy located in New York City. She recently left ThoughtWorks to join Stride Consulting to drive the business in the New York Market and build structure around their account management practices. Her primary role is to grow and strengthen client relationships on strategic accounts, specifically focusing on the media vertical, as well as participating on the leadership team to drive the creation of new practices and service lines.


At her core, Chloe wants to help clients and companies build market-relevant software, adapt to shifting market trends, and take advantage of emerging opportunities. Her strength lies in the intersection of business and technology. It is critical to understand both in order to take advantage of new innovations to accelerate one’s business.


Chloe graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in International Relations and a degree in East Asian Languages, focusing on Mandarin China. She currently lives in New York City, loves to travel, and studying to become a sommelier.