Christian Robinson

Entering the media arena is a sentinel of Standards & Practices…Christian Robinson. Her experience in broadcast and cable spans live, scripted/unscripted, sports programming, and national advertisements. As a Director at A+E Networks, she reviews all content across all brands, working closely with creative executives at all stages of production. Christian also specializes in live programming, making instantaneous senior level brand and ethical decisions, ensuring all content aligns with A+E’s core brand. She advises on new show pitch strategies, series/specials, script rewrites, negotiates content revisions, and assigns the Television Parental Guideline ratings.  Christian leads with a reputation of trust, first-class performance, ingenious collaboration, and is a game-changing decision maker.

As a Columbia University graduate, the foundation of Christian’s career was birthed at the broadcast media conglomerate, CBS Television Network. With over a decade in the Program Practices department, she was at the crux of creative and business that allowed her to hone her skills in navigating the complexities of corporate policy and creative ingenuity. She ensured CTN’s compliance with FTC, FCC, FDA rules and internal policies governing advertisements.  Christian contributed to a team that excelled in the most renowned live events, including – Grammy Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, Tony Awards, NCAA, and NFL/ Super Bowls.

As the media landscape expands at a rapid pace, Christian strives to manifest her own business ethos with impeccable leadership.  As a visionary, Christian’s goal is to rise as a powerful Queen of Content, providing optimal solutions that make impactful contributions to the culture of the entertainment industry. Her spirit stays invigorated by her sister, Tiffany’s unwavering support, and her greatest accomplishment, her daughter, Eden.