Christina Ferreira

Christy is a seasoned business development and sales professional with over 15 years of experience in the financial, entertainment, and telecommunications industries. She prides herself on her ability to acquire key accounts, build strategic partnerships, lead successful teams and develop profitable business in Business to Business and Business to Consumer markets.

Christy started her career at Comcast in 2010. She currently leads a team of contract executives that work closely with many key groups internally and externally to secure access agreements in the marketplace.  Christy appreciates how this organization invests in the personal and professional development of its employees. This has enabled her to become a better overall leader and person. She is known by her team and peers to be an empowering and approachable leader who builds and leads teams of top talent to attain peak levels of performance.

Christy was able to take a previously low performing team to #1 in the nation in 2015. Her team has delivered strong and consistent performance, exceeding quota year after year. This success has led Christy to being named an Elite Performance Winner and earning a Delta Award for the company.

Christy has her Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco.