Christine Reinhard

Christine Reinhard is an Executive and Leadership Coach with 30 years experience in Senior and Executive management in the non-profit and government sectors.  She has graduate degrees in Community Psychology and Organizational Leadership as well as a Certificate in Executive Coaching and an ACC Credential through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  Chris brings to each coaching relationship experience in coaching, training and supervising leaders of various levels in the corporate, non-profit and entrepreneurial worlds.  Her unique combination of clinical, management and coaching educational credentials enable her to coach with an emphasis on behavioral change, Emotional Intelligence and corporate cultural competence to achieve maximum impact.

  • Coached a High School Principal in an urban school system to reduce work related stress and identify a plan to implement short-term and long-term goals for herself, her staff and her school’s continued growth and development.
  • Provided coaching to a CEO in a non-profit organization to further develop communication skills to enable more effective collaboration with her Board of Trustees and other stakeholders. Coaching resulted in greater awareness of non-verbal behaviors and underlying issues that were interfering with her communication.  This insight resulted in improved relationships, reduced stress and greater productivity amongst all stakeholders.
  • Provided coaching to a newly appointed Chief Administrative Officer who was promoted from within an organization. Coaching focused on integration into her new role as well as enhancing her Emotional and Social Intelligence skills to facilitate her success regarding new responsibilities and expectations.
  • Coached a COO to expand her repertoire of conflict resolution skills to achieve better results both within her company and with stakeholders. She also developed her strategic thinking skills to better assist the CEO in expansion and leadership development initiatives.  She gained greater expertise in holding direct reports accountable to improve efficiency and reliability of her direct reports.
  • Collaborated with Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT) to provide individual laser coaching to attendees at their annual conference.
  • Coached the Nursing Supervisor of a large health care non-profit to develop a greater executive presence and the self-confidence to achieve greater success in her new managerial role. Coaching enhanced her ability to perform in stressful situations and generally reduced her stress level at work, resulting in a more content and productive work and personal life.
  • Coached a senior manager at a non-profit social service agency to improve her ability to engage direct reports. Coaching helped her better understand how certain behaviors were perceived by others, resulting in a gap between her intent and how she was often perceived.  She developed greater emotional intelligence by identifying her own emotions in certain stressful situations and how they impacted her behavior as well as identifying the possible emotions of others and adjusting her interactions to them accordingly.
  • Provided coaching to a high potential employee to prepare her for promotion within her company. Through 360 feedback and coaching she learned to leverage her strengths while being mindful of how certain strengths, when over-used, became deficits.  She developed greater self-awareness regarding the impact of her culture and up-bringing on her confidence and developed strategies to overcome these issues at work to enhance her leadership skills.
  • Coached a manager in a global non-profit to identify her short and long-term professional and career goals. By better understanding and recognizing her symptoms of Imposter Syndrome, she was able to recognize and embrace her strengths and set higher, yet achievable goals, than she would have prior to coaching.
  • Coached several entrepreneurs in various stages of developing their businesses/practices. Coaching addressed such topics as building a client-base, networking, maintaining continuity with personal values and maintaining work/life balance.
  • Coached an administrator at an innovative non-profit on increased job satisfaction. He advocated for job enlargement to include areas of personal interest to him and increased his satisfaction and, consequently, productivity in his position.  We also addressed his goal of improving his time management skills which enabled him to reduce his stress and have increased time for activities in his personal life that were important to him.


  • Certification in Executive Coaching, Baruch College/Zicklin School of Business and iCoachNY
  • S. in Organizational Leadership, Mercy College
  • A. in Community Psychology, Temple University
  • A. in Psychology, Temple University

Professional Experience

  • Principal Chrysalis Coaching, LLC providing executive and leadership coaching and talent development.
  • Frequent speaker/presenter on management and leadership topics at conferences.
  • Developed and conducted management development and training on a variety of topics based upon clients’ needs.
  • Over 30-years experience in executive leadership in non-profits in the health care/social service sector. Responsibilities have included building teams, professional development and training of managers and collaboration with a variety of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Executive leadership in local government (Westchester County, NY). Responsibilities included working with government, public and private stakeholders to identify and address the needs of individuals and families in Westchester County.


  • Institute of Social and Emotional Intelligence—Certification in the Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (S+EIP) (Self and 360)-pending
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC)—International Coaching Federation
  • International Coaching Federation member, New York City Chapter