Claudia Spinelli

​Claudia Spinelli is the Executive in Charge (EIC) on SpongeBob SquarePants, Sanjay and Craig and Harvey Beaks.  Joining the Nickelodeon team in 2000, Claudia has worked on a variety of Nick’s animated shows including Robot and Monster, Get Blake!, Avatar, Jimmy Neutron, The Fairly OddParents, Random! Cartoons, The Mighty B!, Making Fiends, and Planet Sheen, among others.


Since 2002 her work on SpongeBob SquarePants has extended beyond the show as she reviews and often helps to initiate projects throughout other areas of the company, always with an eye toward maintaining consistency in SpongeBob’s voice and integrity of the property.


Claudia has a BFA in film from NYU. She also earned an MFA in Animation and Digital Arts from USC, where later she taught a class on Introductory Principles of Motion for Animation for the Interactive Media Department.  In between her degrees Claudia held a number of positions in various animation houses in NYC on commercials and short films.


When she is not working on cartoons, Claudia can be found at her home in Glendale, CA watching cartoons with her husband Han and their two children, Nora and Atticus.