Colleen Plunkett

Colleen Plunkett is the director of Viacom Media Services, Distribution.  She oversees the distribution team for Video on Demand, Download to Own, and Online Syndication partners, ensuring processes evolve and remain efficient so that aggressive deadlines are consistently met for all Viacom Media Networks and Epix.


Colleen started in the television industry 12 years ago at the Viacom Media Networks Network Operations Center.  There, she mastered multiple roles and built a strong foundation of technical and communications experience.  This experience proved indispensable as she began working in multiplatform operations and distribution in 2006, as a coordinator for TV-VOD.  From there, she developed the VOD distribution team, and established her own evolving role in the department.  She then structured the merge of the VOD, DTO and Online Syndications teams to minimize duplicative processes and ensure all affiliates have a consistent and quality experience. 


In her current role as director, she balances the needs of the Viacom and Epix brands as well as their various partners, while streamlining the content distribution chain.  She also collaborates with application development and other internal departments to deliver high quality files, streamline content creation, and meet diverse and complex affiliate needs. 


Colleen graduated cum laude from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 2001.  She also holds a Master’s degree in Education from St. John’s University.  She lives in Long Island with her husband and two sons.