Connie Fry

Connie Fry is a Principal Software Engineer in Comcast’s Technology and Product Development group (T+PD) based in Mill Valley, California.  She has been working in the interactive television space for the last 12 years, starting as a software architect for MetaTV, which was acquired by Comcast.  In her current role, she is focused on the architecture and ongoing development of Comcast’s EBIF (Enhanced TV Binary Interchange Format) User Agents and EBIF Encoder.  This technology provides an environment that allows a variety of applications to run on the television and allows consumers to interact with those on-screen applications through their remote control.  It is also the technology used in the Xfinity TV app that allows tuning of the set top box from an iPad, iPhone or other device.  In addition, she is an active member of the CableLabs ETV Working Group that is responsible for defining the industry standards for this technology.

Connie has been in the software industry for more than 20 years and has designed and developed software in areas ranging from website development to software programming tools to applications that publish securities trades.  She is named as one of seven inventors on the patent titled “Optimized application on-the-wire format for construction, delivery and display of enhanced television content” that has evolved into the EBIF specification.  She was a High School Valedictorian and holds a Bachelor of Science with High Distinction from the University of Nevada, Reno. 

She is married with one son and is an active committee member for her son’s Boy Scouts Troop.