Cristine Shropshire

Crissy Shropshire is the Creative Director, On-Air Promotion for Food Network and Cooking Channel.  In this position, Crissy oversees all of Cooking Channel promotional priorities including image spots, specials, episodics and series launches.  She also is the creative lead on all Food Network daytime series launches and several tent pole series – including “Food Network Star” and “Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-off”.  Crissy works with outside production partners on every facet of a program’s promotion from conception to completion.  She also has a staff of Writer/Producers and Associate Producers who report to her and for whom she serves as a mentor.

This year, Food Network was rebranded and Crissy was part of the team that worked on the network’s new redesigned look. She was also instrumental in finding new voice over talent, musical direction and a mnemonic to compliment the visual rebrand.

Food Network has been Crissy’s home on and off for the last 13 years. She started at Food in 2000 as a Writer/Producer and left in 2002 to start a family.  Once her kids were school age, she returned to Food, first as an Executive Producer and now as Creative Director.  In all that time, she has still not learned how to cook a decent meal (but she does like to eat).

Crissy received her BA at Colgate University. She now lives in Westchester County, NY with her husband and two children.