Crystal Roberts

Crystal Roberts is a thirteen year veteran of NCTC and currently serves as Programming Operations Manager.  Crystal supervises the team of Account Managers who work directly with cable operators to secure participation in NCTC’s programming agreements.  She works in a supporting role to the Programming Negotiations team, and is an essential part of a project team to develop and integrate all of NCTC’s internal systems.


Crystal’s tenure at NCTC began in 2000 as a Contract Administrator.  In this role, she assisted member companies with the participation sign-up process.  She was promoted to Supervisor in 2004 and Manager in 2006.  In 2007 she left her full-time role at NCTC for the opportunity to be at home with her children, yet continued to work as an Independent Contractor for NCTC’s programming department.  She returned to NCTC full-time in 2012 and was promoted to Programming Operations Manager in 2013.


Crystal enjoys working with her team to improve workflow processes and efficiency.  Some of Crystal’s accomplishments at NCTC include conceiving and developing employee training materials for the Programming Participation Department, and working with a project team in 2005 to establish a paperless, online sign-up process for programming agreements.


Crystal resides in Prairie Village, KS with her husband and five children.  She is currently a student at Baker University, working to complete her Bachelor’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing.