Dana Perino

Dana Perino brings a unique viewpoint from her time inside the White House, providing the insight into the current political climate that will give organizations a clear picture of the changes to come. As only the second female press secretary in U.S. history and one of the most widely respected members of President Bush’s senior staff, she is an expert in crafting and communicating key messages under stressful conditions. She calls on her experience at the highest-level of government to impart strategies that will help organizations manage their reputations in trying economic times. How companies and associations present themselves to the American public will be a pivotal in determining their standing in the public eye and, ultimately, their future success. Perino explains the importance of flawless public relations in any enterprise. Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities, Dana Perino communicates a clear and precise picture of the current political situation in America today.

The Voice of the White House. With a close-up view of the president and his inner circle, she brings a unique perspective to the inner workings of presidential politics, the federal government, and the media. An expert on healthcare, energy policy, and the position of female leaders in government and business, she communicates with audiences with the same clarity and precision that gained the respect of the rough-and-tumble White House press corps. Calling on her experience working closely with the President, she also speaks about management and leadership, encouraging rock-solid performance, inspiring creativity, and fostering debate to encourage better decision-making.
Clear Lines of Communication. After the 9/11 attacks, Perino served as a spokesperson for the Department of Justice. She later worked as director of communications at the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) where she provided strategic counsel on message development, media relations, and public outreach for CEQ and its chairman. Perino worked with the President’s director of communications, his press secretary and his director of media affairs, handling all energy and environment-related media calls and serving as the spokesperson for the White House on environmental issues. In addition, she served as the coordinator for all agencies on environment, energy, and natural resource issues, reviewing and approving the agencies’ announcements and keeping the other White House offices apprised of CEQ actions.

More about Dana Perino. Before joining the Bush administration, Perino covered the state assembly of Illinois as a television journalist and working in the private sector in San Diego, including at the Porter Novelli. She attended graduate school at the University of Illinois-Springfield, where she obtained her masters in public affairs reporting. She then worked in Washington, DC, for Rep. Scott McInnis (R-CO) as a staff assistant before serving nearly four years as the press secretary for Rep. Dan Schaefer (R-CO), who then chaired a House Commerce subcommittee on Energy and Power.