Dana Shen

Dana Shen is the Manager of Corporate Development for Scripps Networks Interactive in New York.  In her role, Dana is responsible for evaluating mergers and acquisitions, venture investments, business partnerships and Scripps’ strategic planning.  She works closely with senior executives across Scripps domestically and internationally to develop a view on valuation, conduct due diligence and present recommendations to management.

Prior to joining Scripps, Dana was an Associate of Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions for Time Warner, Inc.  During her three years with Time Warner, she worked with Warner Bros. on its acquisition of Alloy Entertainment and evaluated potential acquisitions including international opportunities in Eastern Europe, video game companies and other digital companies.  Dana began her career as an Investment Banking Analyst at Lehman Brothers in the Communications and Media Group.  Despite witnessing Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy two months into her job, Dana completed two successful years in banking with Barclays Capital and worked on a number of high profile transactions including Vivendi’s sale of its stake in NBCU to Comcast and the merger of CenturyLink and Embarq.

Dana holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied Economics & Management and Communication from Cornell University.  Born and raised in Macau, Dana now resides in Queens, New York with her husband, William.  In her spare time, Dana enjoys traveling, cycling and rock climbing.