Dee-Dee Manlove

Dee-Dee Manlove is the Sr. Manager of Video Operations at Charter Communications. She is responsible for the end-to-end performance of the VOD Content workflow, from ingest to customer availability on multiple guides and platforms. Dee-Dee collaborates with cross-functional teams to drive performance improvements and create standardized processes and training, which are effective in day to day operations that result in an improved customer experience.  With the mergers of Legacy Time Warner, Legacy Brighthouse and Legacy Cablevision Mountain States,  into Spectrum, a large  focus has been placed on unifying ingest and distribution, along with standardizing catalog offerings across all systems and platforms.  Dee-Dee’s team works closely with content providers to aggregate the most compelling content for weekly stunts, special events and annual tent pole offerings, keeping customers engaged and interactive.

Prior joining Charter Communications in 2017, Dee-Dee had an 18 year tenure with Comcast, starting her career as a dispatcher and departed as Manager of VOD Operations with Comcast Technology Services. Dee-Dee led several high performing teams that were on the cutting edge of technology, being one of the first aggregators to launch DVS services to MVPD’s, establish standards for C3 content, and bring EST services in-house.  Dee-Dee’s teams provided several services at CTS, to include, but not limited to, metadata creation, C3 content capture, ad management and distribution of VOD Content to over 100 different MVPD’s and thousands of assets per month.  Dee-Dee received multiple accolades over the years including CTS’s prestigious “Whammy Award” for her efforts and contributions in the success of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Dee-Dee resides in Denver, Colorado where she enjoys many hobbies including traveling, home decor, fashion and crafts.  Dee-Dee is married with four children and two grandchildren.