Deena Demasi

Deena Demasi is Executive Vice President of
Marketing and Communications for Viacom Distribution and Business
Development. Distribution and Business Development Marketing (DBDM)
combines expert knowledge of distributors’ businesses and Viacom brands to add
significant value to partnerships that generate $4 billion in annual revenue
for Viacom. DBDM markets to distributors, to consumers through
distributors, and leads cross-brand initiatives for over 25 distributors
and 10 brands, while driving innovation in a rapidly changing industry.


In her role, Ms. Demasi is responsible for
overseeing strategic marketing and communications initiatives across all Viacom
domestic distribution partnerships to drive subscription revenue and brand
value for the company’s leading portfolio of media networks.  


Ms. Demasi leads the portfolio marketing, partner
marketing and client experience teams in developing and implementing
cross-brand campaigns to drive ratings and subscriber engagement around key
franchises, promote distribution products, and maximize linear and
next-generation distribution of Viacom content for consumers. 
Additionally, Ms. Demasi guides marketing strategy and execution for all
carriage renewals with domestic distribution partners.  


to her appointment as Executive Vice President in 2017, Ms. Demasi served in a
number of senior management positions on the Viacom Distribution and Business
Development team, focused on marketing Viacom flagship channels and emerging
networks. She has spearheaded content distribution initiatives for all core
Viacom domestic networks during her tenure at the company. 


to joining Viacom in 2004, Ms. Demasi held multiple marketing and brand
management roles at Earthlink, Turner Broadcasting and Reckitt Benckiser.
 She began her career with Octagon Marketing, working on international
sporting events including the Olympic Games and the World Cup.


Ms. Demasi is an executive member of the board of the
Cable Television Association of Marketers (CTAM). She serves on the Viacom
Marketing Council as well as on employee resource group EMERGE, which promotes
and supports diversity and inclusion efforts across the company.
Ms. Demasi also
launched and oversaw RISE, an entry-level initiative within the distribution
group that was used as a model for Viacom’s cross-company employee rotation


Demasi holds an MBA from Fordham University and a BA from Boston College. 
She has three daughters and lives in Larchmont, New York.