Denise Leopoldino

Denise Leopoldino is the Associate Director of Work/Life which falls within the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at ESPN Inc. In her current role, Denise is responsible for ESPN’s Work/Life strategy with a particular focus on attracting, engaging and retaining ESPN’s most valuable resource, its employees. Her team leads the organizations efforts around flexibility, dependent care solutions, resource and referral services, onsite employee assistance program, and special employee offerings and events. In addition, Denise plays a key role within the Diversity and Inclusion space as a liaison to several employee resource groups along with leading the design and execution of ESPN’s annual Women’s Leadership Conference.
Denise joined ESPN in 2003 and was responsible for opening their first employee health and fitness center. Over the last eight years, her role has evolved immensely, resulting in multiple “first-of-their-kind” employee programs and services. With a true passion for personal and professional well-being, she feels incredibly grateful for the opportunities.

Prior to joining ESPN, Denise was the President of Wellness In Progress, providing health promotion, performance training and fitness consultation services for corporations, individuals, teams and professional athletes.

As a wife, mother to a five-year old boy and two-year old girl, sister, daughter, friend and colleague, Denise finds juggling the demands of work and life challenging. She’s inspired by helping herself and others find solutions that will drive success and fulfillment in all areas of one’s life.