Dick Clark

Dick Clark has built a reputation as a successful senior operating executive during a career of 25 years in cable telecommunications, and educational marketing. He created TCC, The Cable College, a partnership with the Cable Industry, SCTE (the Society for Cable Telecommunications Engineers) and RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) that delivers online education from Certificates to Masters Degrees to technical employees in cable telecommunications. (www.rit.edu/scte)

TCC secured eight of the top ten cable MSO’s including Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Charter, Cablevision, Mediacom, Cable One, Suddenlink and NCTC (National Cable Television Coop) to serve on the Education Advisory Board. Mr. Clark has also consulted for a number of internet, broadband and content development companies. BroadBand Bridge was founded by Mr. Clark with the mission of “knowledge delivery”. Mr. Clark was selected to author the WICT (Women in Cable Telecommunications) 2008 Case Study Chapter Series and conduct the series throughout the U.S. He also is one of instructors for the The Cable Center and WICT Cable Boot Camp and Beyond program.

He has served as President and COO for Corstar Broadband Solutions, a leading IT company with clients such as Time Warner, Cablevision, Adelphia, JetBlue, NY Public Libraries and NY State Department of Education, where the Company created and is the only certified provider of video-centric, broadband distance learning for adult literacy, Career Achieve (www.eLiteracyny.org).

Mr. Clark served as Corporate SVP, Marketing and Programming for NYNEX Entertainment and Information Services (now Verizon).  He was also Vice President and General Manager of Cablevision for the Boston region.  At Time Warner NY he served in a number of VP roles, including the responsibility for pre-planning and start-up operations for the most state-of-the-art cable system at the time. Dick has also executive produced more than 5500 hours of diversified video content, including Pay Per View, VOD, live events and educational programs and has been intimately involved with a number of Broadband portals. In the cable world, he is considered by many to be the Father of multi-channel digital audio having pioneered the concept in the early 80’s.

Mr. Clark was a founding Board Member of CTAM New England and of the Boston Cable Co-op.  His love of children and sports has been continually expressed in finding a team of youngsters to coach somewhere. He is also continually active in supporting the expansion of the virtual, video-centric, Adult Literacy Program he co-founded several years ago.

Richard A. Clark
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