Elaine Yeo

Elaine Yeo, Staff Operations Engineer II for Bright House Networks, has seven years experience in the development, deployment and support of cutting-edge services and technologies for major consumers in the telecommunications industry.

Yeo has extensive experience in physical layer transport and network concepts surrounding switching, routing, security and quality of service, as well as being a subject matter expert in deployment and technical operations of the Cell Backhaul Architecture at Bright House Networks.

Yeo’s contributions have helped Bright House Networks drive technological advancements into the market, such as the Ethernet Mobile Backhaul, making Bright House Networks the first cable provider in the industry to use circuit emulation over MPLS Ethernet technology in widespread deployment.

Her role includes service assurance and capacity management of the Cell Backhaul Network, as well as leading the design and upgrade of Bright Houses’ call center network. In 2008, Yeo received the Award of Excellence for her work in launching Bright House’s new Cell Backhaul service.

Following product launch, Yeo oversees training of the NOC Surveillance team and engineers in support of new services, and continues to be a mentor, while leading the engineering deployment team in implementing new features in the Cell Backhaul Network to support exponential growth.

Elaine Yeo graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. She is a nominee and active participant in Bright House Networks’ Women’s Leadership Circle.