Elizabeth Dorée

As senior vice president of scheduling and acquisitions for WE tv, Elizabeth Dorée is responsible for the creation and implementation of strategic plans and the creative vision for the network’s scheduling, acquisitions and on-air promotion departments.  Ms. Dorée’s efforts are central to the ongoing growth of WE tv, including ratings, ad revenue and affiliation distribution.  She oversees competitive linear and On Demand schedules; identifies and negotiates program acquisitions; ensures program sponsorship opportunities for advertisers; oversees the network’s operations process and budgets; and ensures an on-air promotional strategy that effectively directs tune-in and maximizes audience flow.  She was named to this post in 2009.

Ms. Dorée joined WE tv in 2001.  During her tenure with the network, Ms. Dorée has helped drive a dramatic increase of women 18-49 in prime time and in total household prime rating. From 2001-2004 she served as vice president of program planning.  In that role, she developed and implemented short and long-term programming strategies, stunts and events to attract viewers, affiliates and advertisers.  She also transitioned the network from non-commercial to ad-supported, developed and oversaw the film formatting process and created the network’s first on-air promotional strategy.  Then, in 2004, she added film acquisitions to her responsibilities, identifying brand-relevant and ratings-generating films for licensing.  In 2006, she was named vice president of program acquisitions and promotional strategy, where she led the development and implementation of short and long-term acquisition strategies for WE tv and oversaw the network’s on-air promotional strategy.  During her tenure in this role, Ms. Dorée acquired the successful off-network series The Golden Girls, Ghost Whisperer and Charmed, as well as enhanced WE tv’s line-up of original wedding content with international series such as Rich Bride Poor Bride.

Prior to WE tv, Ms. Dorée worked at Warner Bros. for seven years.  As vice president of sales planning & program inventory, she choreographed domestic cable and network sales of the Warner Bros. library and collaborated with more than 40 basic, pay and broadcast clients to customize available product to individual programmer needs.  Ms. Dorée also managed the merger of the Warner Bros. and Turner program libraries to form the world’s largest domestic television program library, consisting of more than 8,000 titles.  Her earlier posts at Warner Bros. were also in program inventory and sales.  Ms. Dorée began her career at Lifetime Television, where she worked in acquisitions and helped launch several long running series.

Ms. Dorée earned her Master of Science degree in broadcasting from Boston University and her Bachelor of Arts degree in screen studies from Clark University.  She is a member of Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT), New York Women in Film (NYWIF) and the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE).