Elizabeth O’Hern

Beth O’Hern is a Senior Manager of Strategic Pricing at Comcast Business in the Enterprise Solutions division. In this role, she manages a team of analysts who support sales teams by approving pricing and business terms in negotiations with Fortune 500 customers for their managed network solutions. She is tasked with taking a creative approach to structure deals that incent business while ensuring the profitability of customer contracts. She is nearing her 5 year anniversary at Comcast.

Prior to joining Comcast, Beth began her career in the Telecommunications Industry with Lumen, where she worked in Network Engineering. Following completion of her MBA, Beth transitioned from Engineering to Strategic Pricing at Alcatel-Lucent and later Verizon. In total, Beth has 25 years of experience in the Cable/Telecommunications Industry. Beth holds a Bachelors of Civil Engineering from Iowa State University, an MBA from the University of Denver, and a MicroMasters of Supply Chain Management from MIT. She currently lives in San Francisco, CA, where she spends her free time with her husband and two children. They are frequent travelers, outside of the past year in lockdown where they learned to spend more time outside appreciating the city parks and beaches.