Farnaza Batliwalla

​Farnaza Batliwalla is the Manager for Stress and Stability testing for Comcast Premise Technology Products. She manages a team of engineers responsible for testing set top box and router software for the Comcast RDK project. She completed her Bachelor of Engineering in India and moved to Philadelphia 10 years ago to pursue her Masters at Drexel University. After a short stint in Motorola as an intern she graduated and joined Comcast, where she worked on the then ‘secret’ settop box project which is now the flagship X1-Xfinity RDK project for Comcast. She started out as an engineer working on 20 settop boxes in an experimental ‘garage-style’ setup – but now leads a team of people across Philadelphia, India and Taiwan vetting software for the RDK project that has grown to support over 24 million subscribers. She always says – "Cable is all I know – It’s all I have ever worked on since I started out." Farnaza is passionate about learning new technology and skills and her job at Comcast gives her the perfect opportunity to work with technology that is at the cusp of its evolution. Farnaza is proud to be a female leader in a predominant male environment and hopes to inspire other up and coming female engineers to be unafraid to take charge and speak up. In addition to her work at Comcast – Farnaza is passionate about animals and volunteers at the Philadelphia PAWS foundation and also dabbles in professional Latin Ballroom dancing.