Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic is an entertainment journalist and television personality with more than 1.7 million followers on Twitter.

She is the co-anchor of E! News alongside Ryan Seacrest and is the co-star of E!’s hugely popular Fashion Police team alongside Joan Rivers.

She’s been on the red carpet for every mega-event in the entertainment industry (Oscars, Grammy Awards, Golden Globes) interviewing the stars and getting breaking Hollywood scoop as well as fashion tips, diet and fitness advice, travel tips and all things pop culture.

She is watched by millions each week on both E! and the Style Network on her hit reality show, Giuliana & Bill.

Between her anchoring duties, fashion police, red carpet interviews and her reality show (not to mention her obsession with tweeting all about her life and her favorite things several times a day) Giuliana truly has her finger on the pulse of everything fashion, beauty, travel and celebrity related.  She is a beauty and fitness expert…happily and frequently sharing her advice and tips with her millions of fans and followers.  She truly is at the forefront of the pop culture revolution.

Giuliana Rancic is a force both on-camera and off. She is a journalist, entertainment news anchor, published author, and television producer, as well as a mentor for young people, philanthropist, and new wife.  But her remarkable success didn’t come easily.  She is a true result of “The American Dream” and an inspiration to people, both young and old. 

Giuliana was born in Naples, Italy, in an impoverished neighborhood and moved to the United States when she was a little girl. Her love affair with television journalism began before she could even speak English – her parents couldn’t afford a tutor, so she learned the language by watching TV. After high school, Giuliana attended the University of Maryland, where she received a B.A. in Journalism. She earned her Master’s degree in Journalism from the American University in D.C. While in attendance, Giuliana worked for a capitol hill news bureau covering a number of stories related to the Pentagon, Supreme Court, White House and State Department.

In 2002, she joined E! News as a correspondent and in 2005 became solo anchor and managing editor for the show, taking it from the lowest rated show on the network to number one…incredibly within one year.  In 2006, she was joined by co-anchor Ryan Seacrest and currently E! News is the most popular entertainment news program among young adults.

Giuliana is also a show creator and producer.  She is the executive producer of her hit reality show, Giuliana & Bill on the Style Network.  The show is also co-produced under You & I Productions, the production company she shares with her husband, Bill Rancic.  You & I is currently in production on her reality show as well as a show premiering on Discovery Channel this summer and a show premiering on E! in January 2011. She created and executive produced MTV’s Celebrity Rap Superstar in 2007.  Her E! News Special “Nicole Richie: Her Simple Life” won a Prism Commendation Award. Giuliana was the Executive Producer, Writer & Host of this special.

In 2006, Giuliana released her highly-praised debut book, Think Like A Guy:  How to Get a Guy By Thinking Like One.  It is a practical and funny handbook of rules created by Giuliana on landing the man of your dreams. She knows what it’s like “out there” and has done extensive fieldwork on what turns guys off and on.  Giuliana also adapted the book to both film and television and has sold the book rights to Touchstone Television.

Giuliana splits her time between Los Angeles and Chicago.  She resides in both cities with her husband, entrepreneur and talk show host, Bill Rancic.