Gjustina Dushku

Gjustina Dushku is a Reporting and Analytics Supervisor at A+E Networks. Her main responsibilities include providing regular and ad hoc reporting needs to support internal teams, clients, and distribution partners. She also supports delivery analysis for high priority projects and migrates workflows to more suitable databases for internal and external client use. Through her work, Gjustina is able to collaborate closely between the numerous distribution partners and the larger Operations Team. In doing so, she became a key contributor in the Enterprise’s objective to expand content on additional ad-supported platforms.

Prior to joining A+E Networks in 2016, Gjustina spent many years as a valued production assistant working directly with A-list celebrities such as Meryl Streep, Leslie Mann, Lena Dunham, and recently Oscar nominated Adam Driver. These opportunities exposed Gjustina to many facets of the media industry and allowed her to experience first-hand the creative process of cinematography. After nearly a decade of working on sets with fluid timeframes and organic organizations, Gjustina chose to transition her experience and talents into a more professional setting where she could contribute in a more structured way.  She has spent her time at A+E Networks learning, excelling, and working in no small way to spread the joy of cinema through digital services.

Gjustina graduated Cum Laude from Pace University in 2006 with a Bachelors in Media & Communication Arts. She currently resides in Stamford, CT where, in her spare time, she enjoys playing recreational softball. True to her career beginnings, Gjustina is an avid movie enthusiast who especially appreciates sports based bio-pictures.