Grace M. Egan

Grace joined the Time Warner family in May, 2002 as part of the start up company Mystro TV. Mystro TV was chartered by Time Warner to invent and develop a new Networked DVR solution for the cable industry which would enable two key customer values – “everything on demand” and the ability to “watch what you want – at your convenience”. Mystro TV was also tasked with the design, development and deployment of a new Digital Navigator Guide product for Time Warner Cable. Grace has been responsible for several key areas both at Mystro TV and later at Time Warner Cable when Mystro TV became part of TWC. Grace is the Engineering Product Manager for Time Warner Cable’s video products with direct responsibility for requirements engineering, UI Design, Systems Integration and Test, and Support. In 2005, Time Warner Cable offered the new Startover feature to their customers in Columbia, SC to rave reviews. The simple ability to arrive late to a program and start it again from the beginning is a key differentiator for digital cable customers. Beginning in August 2006, Time Warner Cable will begin to launch the new Navigator product to it’s 6 million digital cable subscribers. Grace has been the driving force in creating, designing, developing and implementing these new products for Time Warner Cable. Both Startover and the new Digital Navigator platform have been touted by TWC’s CEO, Glenn Britt as examples of necessary innovation and value to our customers that continue to make cable the desired entertainment experience.

Grace also brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the telecommunications realm while at MCI Communications from 1995-2002. Grace led the Product Development efforts for several product lines including Business Markets and the Conferencing business unit. Grace was responsible for the systems integration of MCI Conferencing and Darome Teleconferencing, which included design, development and implementation of unified reservations, billing, commissioning and revenue tracking systems, as well as a single product suite for video, audio and net conferencing products. Grace received the highest corporate award for her success in the seamless systems integration and customer experience. Grace was also responsible for designing, developing and implementing a single Sales Force Automation tool and process for 10,000 sales representatives for all of MCI’s products and services.

Grace was part of the new start up online company Prodigy Services from 1987 to 1995, heading up their Network and Field Operations support teams controlling 90 remote locations delivering the new internet services. Grace created the new Network Operations team including all processes and ability to manage and maintain remote sites.

Grace is the mother of two sons, Joshua 8 and Ryan 7. They enjoy a very active and sports oriented lifestyle in Colorado skiing, golfing, swimming and playing a myriad of sports such as baseball, basketball and ice hockey. Learning how to balance two active boys with a crazy job keeps a Grace in high gear most of the time!