Heather Blum

Heather Blum is an Operation Manager
for Cox Communications where she manages three different teams of technicians
who install fiber fed, high capacity services for commercial customers. 
The teams install gear, turn up services, provision on the network, and
maintain both the Ethernet and SONET networks. 


She started at Cox as a Test Desk
Technician in 1998 shortly after receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in
Telecommunications Management.  She quickly became the lead of that
department and then was recruited over to Engineering.  After achieving
Transport Engineer Level III and completing her Master of Arts degree in
Management in 2010, she moved into leadership.  After less than a year as
a supervisor, she was promoted to manager and given additional teams to


While she is a leader in a highly
technical field, Heather’s passion is in finding solutions to problems through
innovative problem-solving and improving workflow and processes to help
everyone achieve their goals, be successful, and contribute to the success of
the company.