Heather Hess

Heather Hess approaches each and every new business challenge with enthusiasm, innovation, creative problem-solving and measured risk taking to ensure that she drives consistency and makes process improvements that address the bottom-line needs of her team and clients.

Heather Hess is the Director, HR Operations for Time Warner Cable’s East Region located in Charlotte, NC. As an accomplished professional with over 11+ years experience in Human Resources, Heather is charged with leading the ongoing alignment of regional and company-wide consistent compensation practices and drives region-wide programs with particular focus on  Compensation, Benefits, Reporting & Metrics, Data Integrity, Job Progressions, HR Project Management and Compliance.  Recognized as a rising leader in the company and having oversight of a strategic function within the East Region, Heather and her HR Operations team’s motto is that “we believe that people are a company’s greatest asset and a company has the ability to change the lives of their employees and customers. Time Warner Cable is such a company that enables its’ employees to enrich and change the lives of our people”. The team she leads puts focus on ensuring the work they do supports their motto thus enriching the lives of the employees while achieving company overarching objectives.

Heather has spent the majority of her professional HR career at Time Warner Cable with a brief introduction to the world of HR possibilities at Infinity Outdoor Advertising in Phoenix, AZ. She has served in several capacities from working on the Corporate Compensation Team to moving into a Regional Compensation role to acquiring other functional responsibilities; from leading a regional service center to its ultimate transition to the company’s corporate team, metrics, data and benefits along the way.  Growing up in the “Cable” business is actually quite a diverse experience as the industry and companies are ever changing with products and services that move at light speed on delivery to the customer. The changing environment has offered an interesting and wide array of opportunities for learning and growth within HR and the Business. Heather’s continues to step up to the challenge by ensuring she understands the company’s objectives/strategies and client’s needs.

Heather’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and an MBA with a focus in Human Resources; both from Strayer University in Charlotte, NC. She resides with her husband Steve who also is an employee of Time Warner Cable in Charlotte, NC. Outside of work, Heather enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and their beloved Black Labrador Shadow.