Iwona Pilgrim

Iwona Pilgrim is a Director of Sales at Paramount Pictures , where she is in charge of licensing Paramount’s films and TV series to broadcasters and streamers across Central and Eastern Europe, including the largest TV stations  in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia, as well as pan regional broadcasters like HBO CE or VIMN (Viacom International Media Networks).

Iwona has over 15 years of experience in the media industry. First, she was a news journalist for Radio ZET in her native Poland; she then moved to programme acquisitions for Canal+, TVN Discovery and Polsat in Poland. In 2002, she moved to London to become the first Eastern European to handle TV sales in Central & Eastern Europe and CIS for a Hollywood studio: Sony Pictures Television International. She joined Paramount over 3 years ago, establishing and running Paramount Pictures International regional office in Warsaw, Poland.

Iwona has worked with and created business relationships with all major and many smaller broadcasters within the CEE-CIS region, gaining a reputation of “tough but fair” she is proud of. Human connections had always been important for Iwona, and she believes they do translate into better business for companies.

Iwona is also a professional coach, trained in Positive Psychology and Career Coaching. She lived in France, UK and USA.

Iwona is passionate about making individual lives and workplace better through Positive Psychology, through understanding and connecting different cultures. A former skydiver, now she loves to travel with her family and to ski in the Alps.