Jane Breheney

As a Research Manager at IFC, Jane Breheney is responsible for analyzing and providing audience insights to the channel at large. Jane is a visible member of IFC’s staff, providing updates on the channel’s performance, analysis on IFC’s programming and the competitive position. She also works closely with the scheduling department on strategies to maximize viewership in an increasingly cluttered TV landscape.

Jane also serves as co-chair of AVID (Advocates for Visible & Invisible Disabilities), an employee resource group within AMCN’s larger Diversity & Inclusion initiative. AVID seeks to provide employees a community that widens the understanding of invisible and visible disabilities, build and shape company policies around the recruitment, development and retention of candidates with disabilities and advocate for resources which support employees with disabilities and employees caring for disabled family members.

Prior to her current role, Jane has held positions in other areas of the media industry, including TruTV’s Creative Services department and TNT/TBS’s Ad-Sales Research department. She cites her broad experience as deepening her understanding and appreciation of media research.