Jeanette Bronée

Jeanette Bronée helps leaders and companies rethink performance by asking the Right Why® and create sustainable success by supporting our most important resource — our human resource. She is a catalyst for change and passionate about how we can create a Culture of Care™ that unlocks what truly drives performance, engagement and motivation from the inside out.

She has delivered TEDx talks, spoken at the UN, as well as keynote speeches and workshops at corporate events and facilitated change around the world by sharing her story about why she founded Path for Life in 2004, after both her parents died of cancer and being told it was only a matter of when she was going to get cancer too.

She wanted to create awareness around how we can take charge of our health and emotional, mental and social wellbeing, prevent stress and burnout, while living busy lives and pursuing careers. Since then, she has taught more than half a million people how to take better care of themselves AT work, so they don’t have to lose their health to be successful.

Jeanette shows how our mindset and relationship with ourselves is the foundation for being our best selves at work and why self-care habits AT work are essential for peak-performance, engagement and a human-driven culture, because when we leave our humanity at the door when we go to work, we leave behind our most valuable resource for success. She incorporates her background in coaching as well as her previous career in leadership and team development to help people work better by working healthy.

Her book, EAT TO FEEL FULL, a guide for eating to thrive, gained nationwide recognition in the news media as a new approach to health and eating that helps us break with our dieting mentality and focus on eating to not only fuel our performance, but also fulfill our inherent desire to feel nourished.

She holds a degree in business and marketing, has led teams to grow innovation, developed and facilitated training and customer-care focused cultures, based on understanding how we can satisfy our core human needs AT work and why it matters from a brand alignment perspective.

She facilitates workshops that help companies and teams harness the power of what it means to be human at work and her design back-ground integrated with her certifications in health and wellbeing, makes her a “most-wanted” work-place performance and wellness expert.

As a certified Integrative Functional Nutrition and Meta-Medicine Health Coach, Hypno-Therapist, and Certified Felt Sense Focusing Professional she digs deep into our human potential and shows her audience how to use the power of the mind to create change, so we can truly take charge of our wellbeing at work, perform at our best and go home happy with energy to spare.


Speaker Location: New York, NY

Topics Offered:

  • The Nourished Leader – How to harness our inner fuel to lead ourselves and our teams better, create sustainable success and a self-care mindset, that is the foundation for growing and performing at our best, personally and professionally, without the burn out. The Nourished Mindset helps us refocus on the foundational core values and create a wellbeing environment, that supports people in doing their best work. When we understand what drives our choices, we can access what fuels peak-performance, productivity and job satisfaction, from the inside out.
  • Power Pausing – How to take charge of our self-talk to grow personally and professionally by solving problems without the doubt and drama and instead think, engage and act mindfully. When we pause we allow for a gap of time where change, creativity and innovation can happen. It is that small moment where we have the opportunity to shift from simply surviving work to taking charge of our self-care.
  • Who Cares? How to create a Culture of Care® where people belong and feel included, so they can engage and work better. Culture is about people and the relationships we have, not only at work, but also with work, and it starts with the relationship we have with ourselves. In order for companies to grow, retain talent, create engagement and improve job performance, we need to feel we matter. In a Culture of Care® we grow a culture where people can bring self-care with them to work, because we are inclusive of our core human needs resulting in a culture where employee and customer experience is aligned with the brand.