Jeanette Bronée

Jeanette Bronée, CHHC, AADP, is a Nourishment and Compassionate Integration Counselor. Through food, she teaches the various options available for us to take better care of ourselves, and, how food is used as a tool for our well-being and health.  Critical to optimal health is the essential focus on our emotional well-being.  Through behavioral modifications, we come to experience the integrative healing that contributes to the wholeness of our being.

In 2004, she started Path for Life Self-Nourishment Center in New York City to give people a place for their process of learning and healing. The concept of healing being a journey is what gave birth to the name "Path for Life".  It becomes a new way of living every day which brings us into continuous awareness of and balance with our life.

Jeanette practices different modalities to heal the mind/body connection. She is a META-Medicine coach and uses Therapeutic Ericksonian Hypnotherapy to help individuals reach their inner resources for healing and optimal living. Everyone carries resources within themselves, but many do not know how to access them. For us to live in full expression and enjoy life we have to become one with ourselves.

When both her parents died from cancer a year apart, she decided to change her career and discovered her life-path was to help others heal. As her practice grew from healing with food to incorporating the emotional healing necessary to provide a truly integrative way of life, she found what she had been looking for.  Her own Path for Life.

Jeanette is in the process of writing two books.  The first book focuses on healthy eating and how to be more satisfied from our food.  The second book is a guide for our self-nourishment with easy to use tips and tools. She speaks to various groups about the role of self-nourishment in our everyday lives and the importance of continuous healing.