Jen Bray

Jen Bray is the Regional HR Manager for the Time Warner Cable Texas Region.  Jen leads a team that supports an employee base that has increased by over 500% in two years.  She and her team has been able to lead several policy standardization projects across the state of Texas and have worked with leadership cross the state to redefine compensation plans and commission eligibility so that employees in similar positions are eligible for the same compensation regardless of which part of the state that they reside. 

In addition the Texas Region has undergone several major restructurings of leadership in order to facilitate further standardization and increased efficiencies at the regional and divisional level within Texas.  Jen has continually participated on the project team to define the reorganization changes, establish a communication plan, and see it through to completion. 

In her role, she continues to provide support to employees of the Texas Region, and to look for further opportunities to implement standardization and efficiencies to enable TWC Texas to build deeper functional expertise moving them forward in the ability to provide the best possible care to TWC customers and to successfully compete in the marketplace. 

Jen joined Time Warner Cable in March 2007 as an HR Generalist and was promoted to Senior HR Generalist in December 2007 and again in September 2009 to her current position.  Prior to coming to Time Warner Cable, Jen was an HR Operations Manager for a computer services company. 

Jen graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Economics.  She currently resides in Austin, Texas with her husband.