Jennie D’Alessandro

​Jennie D’Alessandro graduated Fordham University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in 1998 with a concentration in Marketing.  She interned during her college years at several entertainment companies including Sony Loews Cineplex and IMAX. Her internships exposed her to the entertainment industry and contributed to the development of her practical administrative skills. In addition, the internships also allowed me her to apply the textbook marketing principles to real-time corporate marketing strategies.  With this passion for marketing, she decided to pursue marketing opportunities in other entertainment arenas, specifically in television.  In 2000, she began working at BBC Worldwide Americas in the U.S. TV Sales and Co-Productions department. During her tenure at the BBC, she acquired a comprehensive knowledge of the rights management as well as sales and co-production processes that contributed to the formation of several prominent partnerships between the BBC and other networks. She was promoted from coordinator to manager in less than two years and quickly assumed the role of Manager, Business Administration, which she maintained for five years. Although she thoroughly relished her time at the BBC, the position that she maintained was beginning to assume more of a sales-focused role, which was not the direction that she had wanted to take her career in.  At that juncture, Jennie then decided to pursue other opportunities and discovered a role that would incorporate her skill set as well as passion for television. She, therefore, assumed a role as Manager of Strategy and Analysis at Showtime Networks in 2007 and has been at Showtime ever since. She was promoted to Senior Manager in 2010.