Jennifer Hegman

Jennifer Hegman is the HRIS & HR Compliance Manager at Insight Communications Company, Inc., at its corporate headquarters in New York City.  She began her HR career there over 9 years ago, developing databases needed to track various HR information.  In 2004, Jennifer was promoted to Payroll Manager.  In this role, she managed the implementation of a new Payroll/HRIS system and created procedures that ensured data integrity and audit compliance.  As the analytical needs of HRIS grew, Jennifer retired (quite voluntarily, it should be noted) from managing both the Payroll and HRIS combined functions, and has worked solely on molding the fledgling HRIS team.  She has enhanced HRIS functionality to the point where her team does not only track and process employee data, but is integral in providing analysis and metrics for the executive and operational management teams.  Jennifer is a member of Women in Cable Telecommunications and The Society for Human Resource Management.  She is currently seeking to gain her HR Information Professional Certification (HRIP) from the International Association for Human Resource Information Management.  Jennifer enjoys spending her free time with her 2 year old son.