Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith is the CEO and Founder of the Passionate Leader InstituteTM. She has seen some leaders be successful in their role and others crash and burn.  With a strong desire to help leaders take authentic action to achieve results, she founded the Passionate Leader InstituteTM.


Jennifer has more than two decades of experience speaking, facilitating workshops for thousands, and coaching hundreds of leaders around the world to help them develop their capabilities as well as those of their teams. Her unique view of leadership is based on working with leaders across four continents and in over ten industries. Jennifer shares with best and the brightest that leadership is choosing behaviors that inspire and enable others to contribute towards the effectiveness of an organization.


Jennifer is one of the nation’s experts on igniting passion within leaders so they can reach their peak performance and potential. A former senior leader working for Fortune 500 companies she led teams delivering leadership development, succession planning, talent management, performance management, compensation and high potential programs while managing million dollar budgets.


Jennifer finished her undergraduate studies in Accounting at Grambling State University and graduated from the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School with a Master of Science in Organization Development and Human Resources. She is a Certified Professional Coach, credentialed by the International Coach Federation at the PCC level and an Executive Coach for The Wharton School.


Her desire to be of service motivates her to offer pro bono facilitation as well as coaching to people who have been out of work and are struggling to get their next job. 


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