Jennifer Yohe Wagner

Ms. Jennifer Yohe Wagner has successfully served the business and financial needs of prominent cable related organizations for almost two decades. Her strong leadership and entrepreneurial attitude have consistently generated innovative ideas that impact heavily on the cable industry. Through her application of dynamic strategies along with her exceptional negotiation skills, Ms. Yohe Wagner has been credited with saving hundreds of millions of dollars throughout the years. Characterized as savvy and ambitious, she has used her skills to lead companies through periods of transformation and change, productively establishing and launching enduring business dealings.

In her current role as Vice President, Business Affairs of Time Warner Cable, Ms. Yohe Wagner utilizes her keen ability to effectively translate company objectives into clearly defined goals. Her vision coupled with exceptional communication skills have helped to enhance the performance of cable and engineering operations and given her recognition as a top-producing executive. An ethical professional, Ms. Yohe Wagner possesses a unique talent for analyzing problems, simplifying procedures and uncovering groundbreaking solutions. Uncompromising in her pursuits, she carefully navigates operations and activities making sure to reach desired corporate results. Her many years with Time Warner Cable have demonstrated her ability as an exceptional executive who heightens a team’s performance, and dependably accelerates bottom line results.

Prior to joining Time Warner Cable, Ms. Yohe Wagner worked for Mr. Jack Kent Cooke, well-known entrepreneur and successful businessman. For more then 10 years she handled a multitude of responsibilities related to the Washington Redskins, Jack Kent Cooke Stadium, Los Angeles Daily News, Chrysler Properties and Elmendorf Farms. During this time she developed a reputation for productively handling an array of duties which included media contact, capital and expense budgets, and many other interesting and challenging opportunities. Hard work, commitment and loyalty to her endeavors have been at the cornerstone of Ms. Yohe Wagner’s achievements, all of which helped her climb the ranks VP, Business Affairs of Time Warner Cable. Ms. Yohe Wagner attended the University of Pittsburgh and Cambria Rowe Business College. She is a member of Women in Cable and Telecommunications (WICT) and a member of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE). Ms. Yohe Wagner makes her home in Ashburn, Virginia.