Jessica Shelly

Jessica Shelly is Product Manager, Video Services at Comcast with 8 years of experience in the industry.  In this role, she has primarily overseen the Master Channel Lineup program to help create a better customer experience through an organized, thoughtful and universal channel lineup.  Most recently, she has been focusing on developing a product plan to target the millennial customer segment.


Prior to her current role, Jessica was a trial analyst within the National Engineering (NE&TO) organization at Comcast.  She was part of a pioneer team that was tasked with creating a streamlined, universal product evaluation process for all Comcast products before they were released to customers.  In her six years with the group, Jessica helped build a trial portal to collect product feedback from employees and customers, developed intake and status requirements, and supported up to 30 products a year.

Jessica holds a BS in Marketing and International Business from Drexel University and an MBA in Marketing from Temple University.


Jessica lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband, two year old daughter and two dogs.  She leads a book club and loves to exercise in her free time.