Jill Ferrone

After graduating from The University at Albany, Jill began her career in the local Ad Sales department of Cablevision working in the commercial traffic department.  After a year, she moved on from Cablevision but continued to work in commercial traffic for Prime Sports (an NBC, Liberty Media and Cablevision owned property).

Jill returned to Cablevision in 1998 when she was hired as a consultant to help the newly created Romance Classics start up their paid programming department.  She soon became a permanent staff member as a Program Coordinator, working on both program logs and schedules.   In 2001, Jill was promoted to Manager of Scheduling, where she helped launch the network now known as WE tv into a fully Ad-supported cable network.  In addition, she assumed the role of the day-to-day maintenance of the schedule, including scheduling daytime, creating program formats, and brainstorming stunts for Ad sales opportunities.

In 2007 Jill was promoted to Director of Scheduling.  She is currently responsible for the monthly scheduling of the network, including strategizing and monitoring ongoing inventory usage of both acquired and original programming.  Jill also works with Marketing to fulfill ad hoc sponsorship requests throughout the year, as well as plays a role in the development and brainstorming of the annual upfront program planning and strategy. She has recently taken on the additional task of scheduling WE tv’s VOD channels. 

Jill currently resides in Long Island, New York with her husband Joe and son Matthew.