Jillian Harvey

Jillian joined Comcast in 2007 as a member of the design team cleaning up maps. In 2012 she led the region for design during the origination of outdoor Wi-Fi deployment. In 2013 she became the manager of the permit department in which she has lead the region and division through various permitting initiatives to rebrand Comcast with over 250 different jurisdictions, reduce construction timelines and reduce cost to construct through negotiations with municipalities. In 2016 she graduated from The Comcast Foundations of Organizational Leadership (FOL). Cohort 2018 alone permit durations have reduced over 15 days. She has thrived as a leader of a newly built team 13 for the past year. Jillian Looks forward to taking her experience within Permitting and Design and sharing them with her new team and new role of Design, Serviceability and Permitting.

Prior to Joining Comcast, Jillian held leadership positions at various contract companies who performed GO95 Engineering on utility poles as well as Cable plant survey and encroachment permit drafting. She and her husband Jerome along with their two children stay busy on their “down time” with swimming, golfing, and biking. Aside from attending their 8 year old daughter’s soft ball games as well attending her daughters dance competitions, and coaching their 6 year old son’s baseball games, Jillian is currently 5 months away from obtaining her MBA.