Jody Jacob-McVey

Jody Jacob-McVey, PCC, CPCC is the founder and managing director of EquiSense Solutions LLC, a coaching company for experiential living and leaders.  EquiSense Solutions partners with other purpose-driven organizations to create and deliver life-changing programs to individuals, groups and organizations’ leaders and teams. Our work happens in person, by phone or in the pasture.

My journey, “from Wall Street to Well-Being” includes a fairly “normal” 17-year career in financial services in NYC and a courageous jump into the business of well-being. Today, I’m coaching and developing leaders. Leadership is a value and a way of life, and I believe that everyone is a leader and responsible for their impact.  I’ve been coaching women leaders through a wide array of transitions spanning 20 years, asking the question:  When was the last time you did something for the first time?  My coaching relationships are experiential at their essence inviting my clients to live the journey, make resonate choices, embody the work and take action in between coaching sessions.

One of my favorite ways to facilitate change for humans is to partner them with horses. I believe that what you can measure you can move and improve and horses provide “in the moment” “360o” feedback on our communication style, leadership presence and our emotional intelligence.

At EquiSense we take servant leadership seriously and put our resources to work to benefit the underserved. With that mindset, we have provided team and leader development opportunities for military veterans, public social service agencies, and non-profit organizations like Columbia University, Covenant House NJ, Boys and Girls Clubs, GallopNYC, NJ Reentry Corporation, JCC Manhattan/Northwell Health and Women’s Rights Information Center among others.

While our home base is in New York City, and we continue in-person engagements at local farms, Covid has provided us space to co-create experiential living opportunities in the virtual space. We think we are particular suited to coach virtually because what we do for a living is to play with new ways to be present, to express ourselves fully, and to create intimacy in our relationships.  Furthermore, spending time outdoors, in nature, with other sentient beings opens up the possibility to sense shifts in energy, acknowledge emotions and their impact, and be insanely curious with our clients.  The virtual space also allows us to work at scale building communities of practice.  We see new creative opportunities come forward like never before that tap into the power of collective wisdom by crowd sourcing with large numbers of contributors.

I currently serve on the board of directors of the ICF NYC Chapter, and am an active member of their professional development committee.  I am an affiliate member and big fan of the Institute of Coaching for its research on coaching, and a member of the Association for Talent Development.

Jody holds coaching credentials from the Co-Active™ Training Institute and from the International Coaching Federation.  She is also a Master Trainer for Heart Zones Inc. specializing in emotional agility and embodiment that connect our physical and emotional hearts.  She is an Equine Behavior Specialist certified through the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association and by the Equine Experiential Education Association in corporate learning and personal development.