Joe Laipple, Ph.D.

Joe Laipple, Ph.D., is a recognized thought leader in the area of sales coaching and sales leadership, team development, and change management and acceleration, and he is an expert consultant who works with clients to lead and perform in strategically compelling ways that build sustainable change and accountability across all levels of the organization.

With the criticality of business performance at an all-time high, now more than ever leaders must find ways to motivate and reinforce key sales behaviors and turn sales precision and persistence into sales results. As Senior Vice President of Strategic Services at Aubrey Daniels International (ADI), Joe understands the importance of building effective behavioral methods into sales coaching and in supporting leaders to become fluent in analyzing performance, objectively defining and evaluating their expectations, providing real-time feedback, and using positive reinforcement to shape key behaviors.

Joe has worked in a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical and biotech, banking, telecommunications, and call centers. He has successfully worked with diverse employee populations and organizational issues, including coaching leaders on how to stay focused on strategically important results during significant transition points such as mergers and change initiatives.

Joe is the author of Precision Selling: A Guide for Coaching Sales Professionals, and his newly released book titled, Rapid Change: Immediate Action for the Impatient Leader. He has authored articles in applied problem solving, team building, and assessments. Joe is an experienced presenter at national and international conferences and co-presented with Dr. Aubrey Daniels at the Center for Management Research in Cambridge as part of their ongoing leadership curriculum.

Joe earned his Ph.D. in behavioral psychology from West Virginia University and
currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA.