Josephine Valenti Nicco

Josephine Valenti Nicco is a Director in the XFINITY Home Business unit for Comcast Cable focused on growth opportunities within the Digital. She has been with Comcast for sixteen years and although it might seem like a very long time it couldn’t be further from the truth. She has had a very rewarding experience that has never staled during her tenure and she believes it’s mostly due to the culture, work, and growth Comcast has experienced over this time that have made it a very exciting and ever-changing environment to be a part of.


She has had many roles over the years starting within the Media group; as Digital Media became more and more a part of the overall mix, as did her interest and responsibilities evolve towards the digital space. Paid Search became more and more central to acquisition and e-commerce, where it then leads her down the path to help build during the infancy stages thru setting the ground work for Comcast’s Mobile and Digital First approach.