Joy Williams

graduating from Vassar College with a degree in Economics, Joy turned her focus
from the production and distribution of goods and services, to the production
and distribution of mass media.


Joy has a
Master of Arts in Media Studies from the New School University.  Her media experience includes nearly seven
years as Senior Director of Sponsorship Development for both Studio Production
and international Deportes Production, followed by a stint in Programming and
Production Business Operations.  Joy also
has experience in traditional and digital media with HBO, MTV, CBS,
and Cablevision’s Mag Rack, a provider of video-on-demand programming.


business leadership includes serving as Assistant Vice President at JP Morgan
Chase, where she was selected for the Executive Officer training program.  She was the first African American woman
elected president of the student body of Columbia Business School, while
completing her MBA.  She is currently the
President of the African American Alumni Association of Columbia Business
School and serves as a Career Coach.  Joy
also serves on the board of the Alumnae and Alumni Association of Vassar
College as chair of the Nominating Committee. 

One of Joy’s
first entrepreneurial ventures is rBN Media, LLC. As founder and President, she
creates events and content for women and people of color.  This venture makes excellent use of social
and digital media.

Joy is an active member of the WICT New York Chapter and she is a former board member of the WICT New England chapter and
a Betsy Magness alum (class XIV).