Karen Saeli-Rubinstein

Karen joined Cablevision in November 1994, after earning her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Communications from State University of New York, Oneonta.  Over her nineteen years with Cablevision, Karen has held numerous positions in customer facing operations.  Karen started as a Customer Service Phone Representative, receiving firsthand knowledge and experience speaking with customers and understanding their needs.  She also served a tour of duty in Cablevision’s Walk-in Centers, serving customers face-to-face.  Karen’s proven desire to earn and understand the business and technology, along with the entire customer experience, earned her numerous “Pride in Performance” awards at Cablevision.

When Cablevision launched Optimum Online, Karen saw an opportunity to enhance her career and accepted a position in the customer support group for a newly formed product. She and her team served as “jacks of all trades”, working the phones, scheduling service appointments, serving as dispatchers working directly with the field techs.  “It was a unique time.  We could see a new product released and watch it evolve,” as Karen recalls.

As a supervisor, Karen oversaw the Technical Support Team that worked with Optimum Online, Optimum Voice.  Karen also oversaw teams such as Business Class and Technical Support Level 1, as the tiered level support was being introduced into Cablevision’s business model.  In 2001, Karen received the “Sharing Our Vision” Quality Award.  In 2004, Karen earned “STI Certified Help Desk Manager”.

One of Karen’s proudest achievements was to join the Digital Services Group and be promoted to Operation’s Manager.  “I found a group where I could be a part of the magic and learn something new every day.” 

As Karen likes to put it, “I found the wizard behind the green curtain.”

When Karen transitioned to Cablevision’s video platform back bone, she became part of the team that monitors and maintains the platform as Cablevision moved to a full digital platform.  Karen has written numerous procedures that have been added to the Digital Services Wiki for her team to use and follow.  

Karen now manages Cablevision’s Network Operations Center Tier III Video Support team.  She and her team are now monitoring the customer facing network and all products it supports to maintain its optimal performance. 

Throughout her tenure at Cablevision, Karen has taken every opportunity to grow professionally and enhance her knowledge.  When offered the opportunity to be part of the mentee program for WICT, Karen was thrilled and very eager for the challenge. “It is an honor to represent my organization and be able to take what I learn and better offer ideas and solutions for our continued future.”

Karen is married, and the mother of three children.